Dr. Zhana: Sex Workers Mental Health 

No published U.S.-based research looks at different mental health profiles across different types of sex workers. But this 2010 Swiss study offers a rare glimpse. In Switzerland, sex work is not illegal, and in 2005 in Zurich, there were about 4,000 legally registered female sex workers. For this study, researchers recruited 193 of them, contacted through a variety of locations (outdoors, studios, bars, cabarets, parlors, brothels and escort services), and interviewed them at length about their mental health and experiences with sex work

Even Your Healthy Blood Is Not Welcome When You Are A Whore 

The BLOOD DONATION BAN originally installed to prevent HIV, Hepatitis or Syphilis contamination, the vernacular is still intact, though usually considered relative only to “men who have had sex with men” (MSM). However, there is also selective prohibition with respect to anyone who has sex in exchange for money, drugs or other barter since 1977. This is to filter out intravenous drug users, and other high risk candidates who potentially carry communicable disease. Is that you?

UPenn Discussion On Prostitution 

Thank you Global Women’s Strike and ESPU for endorsing Larry Krasner for Philadelphia District Attorney.

IDTEVASW D/17 2019

PENN discussion on global prostitution Friday, November 18 / 12-1pm / Claire M. Fagin Hall, Room 114. RSVP required.

cropped-red_umbrellas-in-the-sky.jpgIntroduction by Rachel West of USPROS Collective.

Nina Lopez  of the Women’s Global Strike Movement and Legal Action for Women leads a discussion about the challenges women in countries like Haiti, India, Ireland, Peru, Thailand and the UK face in supporting their families,  and why their growing movements for change are calling for the decriminalization of prostitution.

FRIDAY 18 November 2016 Penn

image Rachel West with Maxine Doogan and ESPLRP / ESPU friends in support of CA DECRIM efforts.

Rachel West founded the US PROStitutes Collective (US PROS)  in San Francisco in 1981, which is a multi-racial organization of women who work or have worked in different areas of the sex industry. US PROS has a particular focus on women who are in the most dire situations and are the most vulnerable to…

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Update on AK HB 112 / SB 73: Cops On Sexual Contact During  Investigations

The Anchorage Police Department is fighting a pair of state bills that would criminalize cops who have “sexual contact” with people under investigation. The reason for the opposition, according to Deputy Chief Sean Case, is that there are “very, very limited” situations in which cops need to cross that boundary — specifically, when it comes to undercover investigations of sex workers. Article by Tracy Clark Flory for Vocative; supporting statistics from ISWFACE LA.