The Woman Project Interviews: Bella Robinson, Executive Director of Coyote RI

Sex workers are the only population besides undocumented people that are criminalized for their status as a person. In fact many of the institutions that are supposed to protect us, are sent to erase our existence. Sex workers face many barriers in organizing, fighting for their labor rights and are often faced with hostility from members of their own communities.

PA House poised to declare pornography a public health crisis

Some lawmakers who voted in opposition to the resolution said they were opposed to the concepts covered by it since there are more pressing matters relating every day to sexual mores, the effects of which should be the first objective of a similarly declarative action by the committee. "For the last month, the biggest cultural issue that has not been talked about in this committee or the Pennsylvania House is sexual harassment,” said Rep. Kevin Boyle (D-Philadelphia). “The focus should really be on something that women feel every day, not just in this country, but in the western world.” Others, noting the language of the resolution, felt that despite its aims in trying to bring awareness to the damaging effects of early-life exposure to pornography, the resolution was so broadly drafted that it might infringe on First Amendment free speech rights.

AK Update: Amber Batts Released on Parole

In 2014, Batts was arrested on several felony counts of sex trafficking, accused of running one of Alaska’s largest known prostitution businesses. She pleaded guilty to one class B felony charge of sex trafficking, in 2015, and was sentenced to serve five and a half years. Batts has been serving her sentence on electronic monitoring since March -- after spending time incarcerated and in a halfway house. Her days start early and revolve around the clock. The morning of her release onto parole, she made her coffee as usual, and a cup of hot cocoa for her teenage daughter.