REASON Hit & Run Year in Review

The Best Sex Work Writing of 2017: Elizabeth Nolan Brown covered the issues with such clarity that this year a re/post instead my personalized Year in Review (YIR) seems most effective. Let's Step To It! - M.
 [Hit and Run] rounded up the year's best writing, reporting, and research on erotic industries, those who work in them, and how they're getting screwed by U.S. authorities and laws. Elizabeth Nolan Brown Dec. 31, 2017

Re/Visiting The Invisible John Interview About Jane

The Invisible John Interview About Jane ORIGINAL POST ON SWOP PHL SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 Journalists ask the darndest questions then don’t publish the answers sex workers give them or purposely don’t share all viewpoints if the views don’t fit in with the desired angle of an expose. So – we’ve decided to publish an unpublished and unquoted requested dialog by a journalist who interviewed SWOP Philly’s M. Dante.

Death In Queens Raid Leads To D/17 at 109th Police Precinct

Unidentified women, (now known as SONG) 36 years old, falls from her death from a 3rd story building during prostitution raid, Nov 27th, 2017 in Flushing NY Freaking sad as hell that this woman died because the cops were doing a prostitution raid: The Facebook Shares: The NYPD has murdered one of our community members. On Sunday, … Continue reading Death In Queens Raid Leads To D/17 at 109th Police Precinct

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Town Hall

For this week's issue of the PGN, I wrote about the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Town Hall, a daylong event focused on ending sexual violence. It takes place on Saturday at the First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut Street. Here's a link to the article: In addition to Woodhull, Project SAFE and other local groups are involved. Check it … Continue reading Woodhull Sexual Freedom Town Hall