For transparency I am publicly posting my effort to serve on the Board of SWOP-USA.  I am sorry to share I was rejected without interview or communication on how to be potential future BoD. In solidarity I will keep trying my best to see how I can apply and dedicate my experience and passion. – MGD

2/22/2019 Letter of Rejection
Dear Melanie: Thank you for your interest in serving on the board of directors of SWOP USA. We had many great applicants, but unfortunately, at this time we have filled our vacant positions.  We appreciate your time and hope that you will continue to ally with us in the future. ##

Explanation of Position: Sex Workers
Outreach Project-USA is a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy. With 27 chapters in geographically diverse areas of the nation, we are the largest national sex worker rights network in the United States. SWOP USA represents sex workers across the industry, with a focus on advocating for the most marginalized and disenfranchised members of the community.  SWOP USA is growing and looking to expand our Board of Directors! This is a diverse and inclusive 13 member board that is responsible for working with the Executive Director to advance the sustainability of the organization, as well as provide overall governance. Board members are asked to serve a two-year commitment ranging from 10-20 hours/month. To offset the costs of participation and honor expertise, we offer $200/month opt-in stipends to board members who would not be able to participate otherwise. We are looking to strengthen our human rights network by adding dedicated and passionate individuals to our team, and encourage people of color, people outside the gender binary, people with disabilities, and formerly incarcerated current or former sex workers and allies to apply. If you are interested in helping to solidify a national infrastructure of activists and amplifying the voices of sex workers in the United States, this may be a great position for you.

MGD Application Submission

What is your name?

Melanie (Goodman) Dante

What are your gender pronouns?

They/Theirs/Them —

My People Refer To Me as Ma’aM

Where in the US are you located?


Your phone number:


What is the best way to get a hold of you?


Statement of Interest: Please explain why a position on the SWOP-USA Board of Directors is of interest to you.

To become better at coworking and team efforts on short and long term projects surrounding decriminalization and anti violence efforts. To expand my skill set to reach the diverse needs of the population we serve. I’ve been there. I am l here. I care!

Brief Bio: Please use this space to describe who you are, what’s important to you, as well as identities and experiences that have shaped your world perspective. Feel free to let your personality shine through in this brief biography.

Publicly active since 2003 in discussion on survival sex, sex work, and sex trafficking, I have been writing on topic since the early 1990s, supporting programs and legislation essential to empowerment, community health and human rights.

Relevant Experience: Tell us about jobs, volunteer positions, activism, or other endeavors you’ve taken on that would make you a good fit for the SWOP-USA Board. This could include relevant communities that you are a part of, or that you have worked with.

2014-Present SWOP State Rep PA
2018 Goddard College Alum Presenter on Sex Work / Sex Traffic
2018 Philadelphia FIGHT Health Care and Prison Re/Entry Summit
2018 SWOP Behind Bars + D/17
2017 SWOP Behind Bars + D/17
2017 National M.S. Society GRC
2017 Crossroads Women’s Center
2017 ESPU-Philly
2017 WordPressing + Word Camp
2017 Diversion Press Anthology Poet
2016 McKennas Gym Volunteer
2016 D/17 PHILLY
2016-2017 PGN/EPGN
2016 Sen. Haywood’s Reading Revolution
2016  Read by 4th Lead Tutor
2016 Philadelphia Noir Con
2016 ESPU-Philly
2015-2016 JNoir Anthology + Panel
2016 Word Press + Word Camp PHL
2016 SWOP / UALE 41 Rutgers
2016 Dornsife Writers Anthology Poet
2016 Family First Literacy Volunteer
2014-2016 Noir Riot Anthology
2015 SWOP / UALE 40 Penn State
2015 Suffolk Co. Community College
2015 Contemporary Jewish Museum
2015 Lit-quake San Francisco
2015 J/Noir P M Press
2015 Woodhull Sexual Freedom All
2015 Philly SWOP / Project SAFE
2013-2015 Community United for Safety and Protection (CUSP)
2012-2016 The ESPLER Project
2012-2014 Lady Dahlia Ent
2012-2015 The Erotic Literary Salon
2015 Philadelphia FIGHT End AIDS
2015 SEXx Interactive in affiliation with “Sex with Timaree” and GALAEI
2015 Regain That Feeling with Dr. Mitch Tepper, PhD M P D
2015 Noir Riot
2014 Sen-Sexual E-Anthology in affiliation w. The Philadelphia Erotic Literary Salon
2014 The Projection Booth Podcast
2014 Faulkner Society Finalist
2014 Crossfit Novem Volunteer
2012-2014 SLIXA columnist
2011/2013 F.U.C.K Educational Workshops Community College Philadelphia re: Safe Sex Communication for Taboo Topics

Skills & Strengths: Tell us about what makes you awesome and effective at what you do. What traits do you bring to a team and can you contribute to capacity building and to advocacy? PLEASE NOTE: SWOP-USA is especially interested in people possessing skills in web development and communication, accounting, legal expertise, fundraising, and development.

1. Diplomatic though clear and transparent. I am certified in customer service and advanced customer service conflict resolution. 2. Word Press Word Camp Junkie, Instagram Addict – I got the SWOP Behind Bars IG From 127 followers last year to almost 5000 this year. WE ROCK! Also, I am publicly with my full legal name on Linked In as SWOP State Rep along with my work in mainstream health care. In 2014 I came out so I could be more effective more public being who I really am without monikers, masks or veils.

Where would you like to see the sex worker rights movement five years from now, and how do you think we can get there?


Decriminalization: MORE focus on alliances to cultivate politic positioning impacting inclusion in legislative policy. I would love to see an actual sex work lobby, plus PAC. Secure solid sustainable investors. Micro-financing. Vocational and labor training. Less focus on race and gender. Sex workers rights are human rights. We are all included as humans.

Beyond black and white: I would love to see each region try to secure team training units made up of African American / PoC, Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic / Indigenous workers regardless of gender binary or disability. Where are our Asian and Hispanic or Indigenous individuals? I see none.

Resume & Other Materials. Files submitted:

MGD Resume & Bio

Anything else you would like to add?

After five years of people asking me to apply to Sex Workers Outreach Project I finally have the time and freedom to apply,  and I am thrilled at the opportunity to serve our expanding and diverse communities on a national level!