SWers have always been a part of the story, you just won’t hear about those stories in most history classes. That’s why this show matters and captivates. Wh(o)res Eye View is 75-minute mad dash through 10,000 years of history from a SWer’s perspective, written and performed by Old Pros Founder and Executive Director Kaytlin Bailey.

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Old Pros Debuts #OldProProject

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Elevating sex worker history and storytellers across the country: On January 25, 2022 Old Pros will debut creative work from 60+ collaborating artists across the country as part of the #OldProProject, which elevates sex worker storytellers through funding the production of digitally accessible art. Across the United States (New Orleans, Seattle, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Chicago), artists have brought sex worker history to life. Originally created as a response to COVID-19 in 2020, the #OldProProject provides financial resources and encouragement to sex worker artists and advocates to celebrate their shared history. This year’s projects include short documentaries, interactive historical maps, a calendar of deities, and mythologically inspired burlesque performances.

#OldProProject artwork will be launched on January 25, 2022 to commemorate a sex worker led protest that took place on January 25, 1917 when 300 sex workers in San Francisco marched against the imminent closure of their brothels. More can be learned about the importance of January 25th by listening to The Oldest Profession Podcast (also an Old Pros production).

“Sex worker artists and advocates are changing the story about sex work.” Kaytlin Bailey, Old Pros Founder and Executive.

“I hope my art speaks to the BIPOC community, especially femmes. We are so used to seeing trauma and violence towards women. My art for this show portrays how it should be.” Says participating Seattle based artist D’Monica Leone.

“One of the ways that we can create change is through the art and act of storytelling. The impact of these stories and this project pack a hell of a punch.” Mx. Pucks A’Plenty, National Co-Coordinator for #OldProProject.

A total of seven projects will be unveiled January 25, 2022, including:

Aileen’s (Seattle) — A film interweaving interviews and spoken word poetry by the peers at Aileen’s, an agency serving women who trade sex on the street, about why they’re named after Aileen Wuornos, notorious sex worker.

Heaven on Earth: Shadow Work (New Orleans) — A radical calendar created by sex worker advocates celebrating the underworld Goddexxes who inspire them.

Human Nature (Hawaii) — A short documentary film (including an original music video) exploring the lives of women who are wives and sex workers, focusing on indigenous and migrant narratives.

Mistress Velvet & Black Domme Traditions (Chicago) — A short documentary exploring the cultural and political contributions of Black Dommes to mainstream cultural conversations.

Red Maps (San Francisco & Chicago) — Interactive historical maps that bring attention to places that are important in sex worker history.

Storyville (New Orleans) — A short film linking sex worker community relief efforts following Hurricane Ida to a 100+ year local legacy of sex workers mutual aid and activism.

The Rite of Lilith (Seattle) — A behind the scenes documentary of a live burlesque performance featuring acts inspired by the story of Lilith.

Old Pros creates conditions to change the status of sex workers in society through the power of proximity in storytelling, media, and networks.

For more information and press inquiries, please contact National Co-Coordinator Savannah Sly savannah@oldproinc.com

Savannah also has recently pioneered SpokeHub in affiliation with SWOP Behind Bars and The Woodhull Foundation. (2022)