Emerging Data: The Impact of SESTA of Sex Worker Safety

Emerging Data: The Impact of SESTA of Sex Worker Safety. Survey by COYOTE RI in affiliation with Best Practices Policy Project and Desiree Alliance; approved by SWOP Seattle Posted by Savannah Sly May 18, 2018 Following the passage of SESTA, a sex worker group called COYOTE-RI conducted an impact survey and documented 260 responses (and … Continue reading Emerging Data: The Impact of SESTA of Sex Worker Safety

Editorial: Year of the Woman resounds across primary ballots

Saturday, May 19, 2018 This much we know for sure: Come November, Pennsylvania's all-boys club also known as the Keystone State's congressional delegation will come to an end. And you can thank the voters of Delaware County and the new 5th District for the welcome change. Voters here will choose between Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon, … Continue reading Editorial: Year of the Woman resounds across primary ballots

FOSTA In The Mainstream

The violations that fall under FOSTA, and their subsequent liabilities, make understanding the true identity of online entities crucial for the entire payments industry. Anyone who falls into the category — merchant service provider, marketplace, hosting provider, payment service provider, etc. — needs to consider effective and accurate tools to monitor both the known and unknown websites connected to their business to stay in compliance with FOSTA.

Human Trafficking Court shut down, to be merged with other treatment courts in Delaware

Rarely would they refer to themselves as trafficking victims. "I'm a survivor, not a victim," Clorissa said recently. Historically, local enforcement efforts have penalized sex workers more than pimps or buyers. From January 2012 to April 2016, there were 419 arrests for prostitution and loitering for sex in Delaware. During that same period, there were 145 arrests for patronizing a prostitute and 27 arrests against pimps promoting prostitution. The first woman to complete the Human Trafficking Court program sewed her own dress and received a bouquet of flowers, McDonough remembered. It was the woman's first graduation ceremony ever.

Senate Bill 1204: Defeated

US PROStitutes Collective and SWOP/Sacramento called a protest and press conference at the state capitol in Sacramento, CA, to oppose SB 1204. Over 50 sex workers and supporters came together in a lively action chanting and speaking out about the injustices of the Bill, and some of the participants went into the capitol building to lobby senators on the Committee hearing the Bill.