2022 SAFE SEX Workers Study Act

“If we are going to combat trafficking in a meaningful way, we cannot pass policies that leave vulnerable populations in the shadows. The potential impacts of these policies must be examined before legislation is created, so we can prevent repeating the mistakes of SESTA- FOSTA. If the goal is to help sex workers and trafficked people, then we must focus on approaches that have been proven to work, and proven to protect.” Phoenix Calida, Communications Director, Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA

2022 (I/We Support) SAFE SEX Workers Study Act

On September 14, 2022—Sex Worker Pride Day—75 organizations representing sex worker rights, public health, technology, reproductive justice, anti-trafficking, racial justice, and civil and human rights, sent a letter to Congress urging passage of the “SESTA and FOSTA Examination of Secondary Effects for Sex Workers Study Act” or the SAFE SEX Workers Study Act. This bill, reintroduced on March 3, 2022—International Sex Workers Rights Day—in the House by Representative Ro Khanna, and in the Senateby Senator Elizabeth Warren, would study the impact of SESTA/FOSTA on the wellbeing and rights of people who trade sex, including sex workers and human trafficking survivors. 

2022 Article by Rachel West for the San Francisco Bay View

FEATURE ARTICLE by Rachel West: The Safer Streets for All Act (SB 357), repealing loitering for the intent to engage in prostitution (California Penal code § 653.22), was signed into law by Gov. Newsom on July 1. This code has led to the criminalization of otherwise legal activities like walking or standing in public, resulting in the harassment of Black and Brown, LGTBQ+ communities, mostly women, for simply looking like a “sex worker.” The bill also allows a person convicted of loitering to petition a court for the dismissal and sealing of records.

2022 VT Decrim Discussion DSW Release

A recent statewide survey shows Vermonters support the decriminalization of sex work by more than 13% compared to those that think sex work should remain a crime (46–33). 21% of those surveyed remain undecided. The poll found that Democrats are far more supportive (50–24) of decriminalization than Republicans (30–57). Individuals over the age of 65 are least in favor of reform, while those between the ages of 18 and 45 are most supportive of decriminalization followed by those between the ages of 46 and 65. These results closely reflect national trends.

2022 Inquirer’s Vinny Vella on Philly PAD Exit Programs

Since 2019, police have piloted a special program in which women taken into custody for prostitution are immediately offered social services in lieu of criminal charges. The program,known as Police Assisted Diversion, or PAD, connects willing participants with the Salvation Army’s New Day to Stop Trafficking program. Through New Day, women receive help from finding housing to guidance on how to get protection-from-abuse orders from partners who exploit them.

2022 CA Coalition’s “housing as healthcare” pilot

April 15, 2022The Honorable Nancy SkinnerChair, Senate Budget & Fiscal Review Committee California State SenateSacramento, CA 95814The Honorable Sydney Kamlager Chair, Senate Budget Subcommittee 4 California State SenateSacramento, CA 95814The Honorable Phil TingChair, Assembly Budget Committee California State Assembly Sacramento, CA 95814The Honorable Wendy CarrilloChair, Assembly Budget Subcommittee 4 California State AssemblySacramento, CA 95814Subject: Support … Continue reading 2022 CA Coalition’s “housing as healthcare” pilot