If Escorting Was Decriminalized This Would Not Be News

If Escorting Was Decriminalized This Would Not Be News: Pennsylvania mayor charged with soliciting prostitute The Associated Press State police have arrested the mayor of Bloomsburg, Columbia County, on charges of soliciting and patronizing a prostitute. Police said 36-year-old Eric Bower paid for sex several times, most recently in early April. They said Bower and a confidential informant agreed to meet at a Hampton Inn, where he showed up Friday with $200 and condoms.

Illegal to Legal: SBB In Wayne County, PA

SBB In Wayne County PA M Dante SWOP Behind Bars (SBB) visiting Loose Leaf Pages, a bookshop and tea parlor, in Honesdale, Wayne County, PA discussing SWOP Behind Bars, Re/Entry for Women, FOSTA & SESTA, and DECRIM for Safety. M. Dante seen here with Bob Pelshaw’s book and workbook Illegal to Legal, a re/entry support guide for starting new legal business, along with a postcard for USPROS DECRIM for SAFETY. We thank the Libertarian caucus for inviting us to speak!

Doe 1 v. Backpage

https://blog.ericgoldman.org/archives/author/eric-goldman Backpage has been the poster child for Section 230’s purported failings. The argument goes (1) Backpage facilitates sex trafficking, (2) Section 230 protects Backpage, so (3) Section 230 is evil. That was the core message of the so-called “documentary” I Am Jane Doe; and Congress has spent the last year working on SESTA and FOSTA predicated on this argument