Behind Bars Scholarship Fund

SWOP Behind Bars offers scholarships for incarcerated sex workers to study a broad range of subjects via correspondence courses, including paralegal and accounting. In 2016 we awarded three scholarships. By 2019 that number had risen to 20! Each program costs approximately $900, which includes all study materials, books and testing. You can donate to help cover these costs and your donation is tax deductible! 

International Fundraiser 11/17-11/19

An international online campaign will take place from November 17th to 19th to collect donations for the Corona Emergency Aid Funds for sex workers all over the world. Please share the campaign on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. In Germany and around the world, sex worker groups and organizations have built up Corona emergency funds over … Continue reading International Fundraiser 11/17-11/19

What a Biden Win Means for Sex Workers

In the run-up to the presidential election, leading sex worker rights advocates are trying to anticipate the impact of either candidate’s win—and it’s the possibility of a Biden presidency that elicits both deep concern and cautious optimism. While most of the advocates I spoke with strongly favored Biden over Trump as a candidate, none considered … Continue reading What a Biden Win Means for Sex Workers

UPR Inspires Revisiting PEPFAR 2015-2017

2003: PEPFAR added an “Anti-prostitution Loyalty Oath” to grantee contracts. The devastating effects of the anti-prostitution oath annihilated agencies that depended on the funding to sustain their operations, and more importantly, excluded vulnerable populations in need.  2017: The oath continues to harm the global fight against HIV and AIDS. U.S. sex worker rights organizations collectively and vehemently oppose the current restrictions.