Community United for Safety and Protection (CUSP) commends Alaska Representative Matt Claman for sponsoring House Bill 112,  expanding Alaska’s current sexual assault statute to prohibit police officers from sexually penetrating or having sexual contact with those they are investigating.  Currently, it is only illegal for police to sexually penetrate those who are in their custody. 

The bill will close a loophole that currently leaves it up to individual police departments to decide whether police officers should have sex with sex workers or sex trafficking victims during prostitution stings, but also extend protection to other crime victims, witnesses, or others under active investigation.

Bill sponsor, Matt Claman, told KTVA that he was inspired to sponsor the bill after hearing Rachel’s story:

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In a 2014 UAF thesis research project, a quarter of Alaskan sex workers and 60% of sex trafficking victims said that they had been sexually assaulted by a police officer:

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“We’ve been working on this a long time.  It’s just a victory to even get a bill like this introduced to hold bad actors accountable in a state where we are all working together to bring down the sexual assault rate,” said Maxine Doogan, president of the Community United for Safety and Protection.

Currently, 69,984 people have signed a petition asking legislators to criminalize this conduct by police officers:

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“These tactics of power and control are deplorable and under no circumstance should be permitted to continue,” said Rachel F, who signed the petition. “As a trauma-informed Alaskan Native and lifelong resident of this state, I desperately want all of us to work together to help marginalized people feel safe from government predation.  What these officers do is ABSOLUTELY predatory and abominable.”

Urge legislators to vote yes on HB 112.

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