Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive!

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Reducing Harm In The Capital: GET HIP to HELP those in the DC Sex Trade! 

How does HIPS help? HIV and HEP C testing, care coordination and navigation, PREP, SNS, CRCS, Housing Navigation, syringe access and disposal, safer sex materials, harm reduction, care coordination, linkage to care, treatment adherence , 24-hour hotline, drop in center, showers, laundry, community lunch, computer lab, drug testing, art programs, health care, goal setting! Coming soon:Medical care, mental health services, pharmacy, drug treatment & addiction services.

HIPS actively participates in December 17th, contributing: In a world where over half of the sex workers we’ve spoken to have experienced violence, from everyone from their clients to the police, every day is a struggle and an achievement. We celebrate their resilience and mourn the systems that perpetuate stigma and condone murder. 

love and hope – 

HIPS · 906 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002, United States