This blog endorses:  A new start and educational goals by Amber Nickerson | My name is Amber (Nickerson) Batts. I am a sex worker and former agency manager charged with trafficking due to ambiguous new laws.

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How does this happen?  Alaska law has become very broad and unclear concerning prostitution. This link will help clarify any questions you may have. During my incarceration I lost more than my freedom. I lost my home, time with my children and any independence I had previously felt as a woman
Inside Alaska’s world of sex work from someone who lived it – Alaska Dispatch News

Amber Batts, photographed in her room at the Glenwood Center halfway house in Anchorage on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016. Batts pleaded guilty and was convicted of sex trafficking in 2015. (Loren Holmes / Alaska Dispatch News)

Amber Batts Case Sheds Light on Alaska’s Struggles with Sex Trafficking – Alaska Commons I need you –  I am asking for help to get me back on my feet. Currently I am renting a room from a family friend and unable to have my daughter except on the weekends due to school being in session. I do not have a bed for her, nor furnishings for my room I am staying in.  Coming out of jail with nothing, and being on ankle monitor (I am still incarcerated, yet now I can pay for my own incarceration and I have very limited things and times I can do things) I am at a loss over many day to day responsibilities. I currently work two jobs, both at restaurant chains. Before this I worked in office settings, and have a degree in Human Services, with a minor in Addiction studies. I not only ran an escort agency, creating, maintaining the website, along with screening clientele for the independent workers I coordinated appointments for, but I was on track to be a social media maven, assisting small businesses with social media and simple drag and drop website designs. I had a home where I raised my children for 13 years and had security and safety for the ones I loved. All of this was lost when I was arrested. I am asking for funds to help me get back on my feet and assist in replacing some of the things I lost when I lost my home. Material things are really besides the point, things come and go, but people, people are the ones that make the difference. However, I would like to be able to provide for myself and my daughter (as my son is now 23 and on his own living life). I also plan on taking an online course for media management/blogging/web design. I was in the midst of doing this already thru e-careers when I was arrested and my class enrollment has expired. Any encouragement is welcome and appreciated.

Sex Worker Solidarity! | Sex workers and their allies standing together to support victims of the rescue industry

UPDATE Came home May 23rd to an eviction notice. My roommate has two little dogs and has lived here a year, but the landlord is evicting her now unless she gets rid of her dogs. Any dog owner knows, that is not going to happen! So, I am having to move as well. I won’t be able to have the same living situation, where my 16 year old can have her own room and I have my own room, unless I find an apartment, which means: Renting a U-Haul to get it all in one full swoop, a deposit and first months rent. This is going to take all my measly savings and then some. Summer time is the worst time to move and Alaska is spendy. I am hoping a few people would be willing to donate a few dollars to assist in this move.

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Note: Philly Fam can donate direct to me if you do not want to go online.