ESPLERP Update for July 2017

Status of the court case: Great news!! The Ninth Circuit has informed our attorneys that oral arguments are slated for October 2017.  It looks like the specific date will be between October 10th and 20th, with the exact date being set no later than early August. Our lawyers say that they are really looking forward to oral arguments – where they can start to demolish the State’s ridiculous arguments. We are really looking forward to sitting in court watching them do just that! We expect that this part of process will cost a minimum of $20,000. We always knew that having our day in court would be an expensive process, and we have all done such a great job over the past two years in getting to this point. But now is the time for all of us to recommit and contribute so that we can finish the job.

Folsom Update: We now have 14 of our 20 volunteers needed for Up Your Alley on Sunday July 30th, and we have 8 of our 30 volunteers needed for Folsom Street Fair on Sunday September 24th.  Here is a link about the events and volunteering –

This is a big opportunity for us!  We are the only new Beneficiary for 2017. Folsom Street Events (FSE) supports our community, supports our causes, and includes us when we have cross-over issues with sexual privacy, de-stigmatization efforts, decriminalization. We definitely have common interest. That is why it is so important for us to take this opportunity and turn out our volunteers for these events. And we can expect to see up to a $7000 donation by participating.

2017 Folsom Beneficiary Logo.jpg

You can find out more about the different kinds of volunteer shifts and volunteer perks at If you are interested in volunteering and supporting ESPLERP let our Volunteer Coordinator (Claire Alwyne – know that you are interested and she can let you know what shifts are available. Other Beneficiaries are getting volunteers signed up, so we need to move fast…

Fundraising:  Check out the new online fundraiser at

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●      Mail checks to ESPLERP, 2261 Market Street # 548, San Francisco, CA 94114.