Bloggers Note: If this is the echo chamber many sex workers are contributing to when will End Demand realize they have hurt as many people as they claim to help?

How can we find ways to dissolve the anger despair and frustration; and get people working in fields to fuel their/our passion?

Re/Post: I am a homeless trafficking survivor: where are all of you anti-trafficking allies to help me now? Laura LeMoon Writer, Pro-Heaux and all around badass bitch

Strong Language / Content: Im being evicted and at the end of the month I will be homeless. I was fired a few months ago from my job as a social worker when it came out I was a sex worker. I don’t know where I’ll go or what I’ll do. Maybe sleep in my car or hopefully find a shelter that will take me in. None of you so-called “allies” and none of you anti-trafficking organizations have done SHIT to help me. I called one anti-trafficking organization in my area desperate to get help and they offered me $50 to my $2K back rent. Anti-trafficking is the new gold mine. And as an activist and former social worker, I know these fuckers can dig into their pockets a lot further than fifty fucking dollars. Maybe you could cut the executives’ salary to under 6 figures so that survivors can actually get the fucking help they NEED. Not the help you piece of shit allies thrust upon us that is actually fucking useless. I don’t need to know about Jesus- Jesus ain’t paying my motherfucking eviction debts or keeping me off the streets. Jesus ain’t making things financially more stable for me so I have more options than just going back to sex work to not be fucking homeless.

To all of you Ashton Kutcher’s our there I want to say one thing- FUCK YOU. Your “othering” pity and self-righteous superiority keep me in the bonds of poverty. Your thirst for power which rests squarely on the backs of survivors like me is the reason that I am falling into this pit of poverty quicksand. You push me down, head first, to drown in a bucket of bleach so that you may rise up on the wings of MY story. FUCK YOU. Where is my six figure salary? Where are my exotic vacations and Christmas bonuses and interviews on the Today Show? When will my story be mine and how come nobody wants to hear my story from my mouth? How come it is only you, piece of shit phony “allies,” that are allowed to get fame and fortune off my story? You rob my story, my voice, my power and run away with it after cutting off my legs and pushing me into the dirt to die. When will survivors be the ones to get rich off of their own stories??? Why am I hated and looked at with disgust and judgment for what happened to me while others are given boundless opportunities for the cotton-mouthed re-telling of someone else’s suffering and struggle? Why am I still poor when so many big shot “allies” are made rich? Trafficking survivors: stop partnering with “ally” organizations. They rape us of our stories and leave us for dead. If it is not a survivor-lead organization then we must stop trusting them. Stop selling your story for parts because we are not allowed the opportunity for anything better. I will die of poverty before I have to sit on the phone to another non-survivor lead organization begging for a few dollars while I get a lecture from some MSW about the importance of budgeting. Fuck you, bitch. We are survivors. The key to our future survival is in feeling our anger and sense of injustice. Feel that shit. Let your anger have a voice. We don’t need to settle because we’ve been brainwashed that this is all there is for us. It’s time for us to step up and silence the silencers. I shouldn’t have to be homeless when there are so many BILLIONS of dollars in the rescue industry. I am living proof that these allies are helping no one but themselves. So the million dollar question is, in two weeks when I’m trying to sleep in my freezing car while it’s twenty degrees outside, where will you allies be and what will you be doing to help a homeless trafficking survivor ????

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Laura LeMoon Writer, Pro-Heaux and all around badass bitch