The husband of an ESPLER Project board member and internationally acclaimed Dominatrix explains in a shared post from Facebook why he supports ESPLERP v Gascon (E v G).

“Currently [The Erotic Service Providers Legal Educational Research Project is] fighting via a federal case to establish sexual rights on behalf of adults in the USA. Only married people have any measure of sexual rights. Btw- Lawrence v Texas the case which decriminalized gay sex in 2003- was greatly argued on the basis that the two men involved were in a relationship. Because our sexual freedom is being tied to the ‘relationship’ aspect. In truth, as it turns out- it was a one night stand. Had this been a part of the argument it is debatable that Lawrence would have been successful. Had it failed under the previous ruling of BOWERS gay people could and likely would still be arrested and or have their sexuality used against them.

LEARN MORE: Video on E v G loaded 01/08/2018

Thankfully Lawrence was successful. The Esplerp case is the next step. The arguments in Esplerp v gascon in part rest in the liberty interest that consensual sex IS a human RIGHT that the government cannot infringe upon. What consenting adults do sexually with other consenting adults whether money is involved OR NOT must be recognized as a protected human right.

Sexual freedom- the liberty interest of consensual sex. This is cutting edge litigation folks!

I know ESPLERP desperately needs help funding this case. Such cases cost a lot of money. They are still paying off the recent oral arguments. This case could be remanded back to trial in which case a lot more money will be needed to pay for the trial. It could go to the Supreme Court.

The state has bottomless pockets to fight. ESPLERP relies on donations.

Their fund is at and they have other ways people can donate if they don’t want to use a credit or debit card by going to

Here is a video of highlights from the Esplerp v gascon case:

I am a big fan of sexual freedom. I want it to be a recognized protected right not just on behalf of married people.”

The ESPLER Project is a 501 C 3 non profit charity attempting to establish sexual privacy rights, and decriminalize consensual sex work.

WE THANK George and the husbands of all sex workers who stand by the view that sex work is work as we fight for our rights!