Today we are celebrating an important victory in Norway. Lilith Christine Nepstad Staalesen transgender and sex worker went to court against the employer after she had been forced to quit the job at the pub where she worked part-time because she supplemented the income with sex work. She won a great victory in Kristiansand District Court but the employer appealed to Agder Appeal Court. Yesterday Lilith informed us that the employer has withdrawn the appeal so the verdict from Kristiansand District Court stands. The court decision is important in all respects; it will set a precedent for similar cases, be important for sex workers who are in a similar situation and convey to employers that persons selling sex have the same legal protection as other workers. Congratulation to Lilith for the good work and having the strength and courage to bring the case to court, and to the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions and their lawyer for their good work and support.

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