FILM SCREENING & Panel Discussion: The War on the Whores
Where: Vancouver, B.C. When: March 20th
Author and Whore, Maggie McNeill (The Honest Courtesan ) will be joined by Triple-X Secretary Kerry Porth and New Democratic Party candidate Sven Robinson will host a panel discussion following the film. The War on the Whores is a feature-length documentary that exposes the harms and waste of America’s escalating crackdown on sex work which masquerades as fighting sex trafficking and rescuing vulnerable women and girls caught up in sexual exploitation.
Sex workers say their lives are made immeasurably worse by the current U.S. draconian policies that do little to protect people actually in distress and wastes hundreds of millions of dollars a year incarcerating adults involved in consensual transactions.

Learn more about this travesty of justice! Watch The War on the Whores! Also available on Vimeo at: 

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