WE NEED YOU! Help us oppose this bill by calling or emailing each Florida Senator telling them you oppose the idea of a prostitution registry. Registries are harmful and do nothing to protect sex trafficking victims!  Contact List of Florida Senators At Post Close:
Here is more information about SWOP Behind Bars work on Florida SB 540. Why We Oppose This Bill • Ignores the reality that most trafficking is for labor exploitation • Puts victims and survivors of human trafficking in greater danger through “rescue” efforts which may subject them to further abuse and retaliation • Leads to harm including injury, trauma, and death from “trafficking raids”/”john stings”, arrests, detentions, interrogations, and imprisonments • Takes away power from victims and survivors to decide for themselves which, if any, interventions they wish to receive • Fails to include survivors in leadership roles for the direct-support organization • Places responsibility for a direct-support organization with DCF, an agency that has caused considerable harm to victims and contributed to trafficking of children and teenagers. DCF is part of the problem, not part of the solution—children and teenagers flee abusive foster caregivers or families while under DCF’s supervision, and are abused or even killed without DCF’s notice. Even the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Lauren Book, admits that DCF “has a systemic problem” with “blatant and unacceptable failures,” and she has stated “I do not have any confidence that other vulnerable individuals across the state can be kept safe by DCF2 • Does not provide for the critical needs of victims and survivors: freedom from abuse and exploitation by 3rd parties, romantic/sexual partners, family, and caregivers; employment with a living wage; safe housing; long-term recovery support; and more needs identified by victims and survivors rather than “experts” • Targets marginalized communities disproportionately involved in trading sex due to lack of access to other resources, especially LGBTQIA+ people, people of color, immigrants and migrant workers, and people without housing or a living wage • Violates the privacy of potential victims and survivors of sex trafficking, sex workers, and clients of sex workers, along with guests of public lodging who are scrutinized and profiled as possible victims • Harms victims and survivors of sex trafficking who are not correctly identified by placing them on a “Soliciting for Prostitution Registry” • Forever labels registrants of the “Soliciting for Prostitution Registry” with a “Scarlet Letter” that could block access to resources, housing, and employment outside of the sex industry due to stigmas against trading sex and criminal records • Forces people to remain in the sex industry due to inability to obtain other forms of employment— in other words, those who place them on the registry become their traffickers.
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