I thank Kristy Snow and Glenn Koenig for allowing me to participate in the the eleventh annual Keystone Conference: A Celebration of Gender Diversity helping with the workshop “Understanding Blame and Shame, and How To Work Through Them”. The workshop had 29 attendees participating in discussion and activities with a focus on healing. The core message clear on the benefits of releasing ones self from shame and blame to be able to give and receive love. The Saturday luncheon prior to the workshop included guest speaker CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative Christine Hallquist, who allowed me to ask the opening Q & A question of how – comparing sex work advocacy to gender advocacy – to stand strong and focused in the face of humiliation, hatred and violent opposition. Christine was incredibly helpful by saying simply stay true to the mission, and do not fear death since it is the eventual end for all. Boom!

More: http://www.keystone-conference.org/