May Update 2019 

SB 233 passed the California Senate Floor Today! Because of your help, SB233 made the 2/3rds votes needed to pass out of the senate today.   Now it will move over to the California State Assembly, where we’ll have to start the educational process all over again, except with a much larger group of decision makers. It's imperative that we speak to as many California Assembly members as we can. For many of these legislators and their aides, meeting us will be the first time they’ve ever heard from us, or ever seen sex workers and our clients as real people, with our occupation making a valuable contribution to society. You can follow SB233 at

With your support, ESPLERP has brought and will continue to be bring our community’s voice to the table to make good policy become law. Your donation of $176 covers lodging/transportation and lunch for 1 volunteer advocate to spend an entire day at our State Capitol explaining how SB 233 increases public safety and public health.  Even a donation of $56 helps covers transportation costs. There are multiple ways to donate at the end of this update…

SB 233 - Oakland: Thanks to everybody who came out on April 16th to show their support at the full Oakland City Council meeting. Around 15 people spoke in favor of the resolution - and every contribution was welcomed with enthusiastic applause. Nobody spoke against. And at the end of the meeting, the Council voted unanimously to pass the resolution to support SB 233. Your voices made a difference.

 Now the Berkeley Police Department has implemented the policy too! So we’re hoping the City of Berkeley will also put their stamp of support on SB233 so standby for to turn out to that meeting.
For further information about our legislative efforts you can read our letter opposing SB 630. Feel free to reach out to your state senator to let them know you oppose SB 630

Save The Date: Saturday June 1st Noon-3:00pm International Whore’s Day Rally Observed At the California State Democratic Party’s Convention in San Francisco 


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