Episode 34: SWOP Behind Bars: Helping Incarcerated Sex Workers Inside and Once Released — Dr. Celia Williamson


Dr. Jill McCracken and Alex Andrews are co-founders of Sex Worker Outreach Project Behind Bars (SWOP-Behind Bars). Jill has over 15 years of experience researching the sex trade and Alex has experience being incarcerated for consensual sex work. These two come together to create an informative and, for some, eye-opening conversation about setting aside judgement of those in the sex industry that are there by choice and welcome the opportunity to dialogue. SWOP Behind Bars provides services for those incarcerated as a result of being involved in the commercial sex industry, including a letter writing campaign. Once the person is released, they help them find the resources and services they need to re-integrate back into society. The choice to resume involvement in the sex trade or not, they say, is each person’s individual choice. SWOP honors that choice without judgement.

An exciting new community called the Emancipation Nation Network for anti-trafficking and social justice advocates coming soon! Stay tuned.