Commercial Sex in American Law

Abstract: Questioning the relationship of prostitution with feminism, XXX investigates the history of the sex industry, and how over the last thirty years it has contributed to fragmenting the American women’s movement. Amidst the disagreements there are issues that greatly need unified attention, not just to better conditions for women who choose to work in the sex industry, but also to assist in defining the laws to protect women that are brought into the trade against their

Sharmus Outlaw Advocacy & Rights Institute

Thank you SOAR Institute for an inspiring dinner meeting in Philadelphia! SOAR Brooklyn Visits Philly What we do: Promote a new vision of human trafficking that respects the autonomy and needs of those most affected by the systems at playCreate life-affirming policy change for those in the sex industry through legislative advocacy Advocate for human rights … Continue reading Sharmus Outlaw Advocacy & Rights Institute