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Sex workers and advocates have set up emergency relief fundraisers in cities like New York, Detroit, Portland, and Las Vegas. Other sex workers’ rights organizations in specific localities, as well as online, are raising funds too.

Lysistrata: online sex worker mutual care collective
Red Canary Song: advocate group for Asian and migrant sex workers in New York City
SWOP Behind Bars: nonprofit providing community support for incarcerated sex workers
Green Light Project: Seattle-based harm reduction outreach group for street-based sex workers
Bay Area Workers Support: Bay Area-based sex worker resource organization
Coyote RI: Rhode Island-based sex worker advocacy grassroots organization

Billy PENN: Philly police stop nonviolent arrests during CoVid 19 outbreak

An internal memo obtained by Billy Penn and WHYY states that crimes including theft, burglary, prostitution, stolen automobiles, vandalism, and certain economic crimes will no longer automatically result in detention. Police will also temporarily stop enforcing bench warrants to individuals who fail to show up for court.

Effective Tuesday, arrests for these offenses will instead be “effectuated via arrest warrant,” according to Outlaw’s memo.

That means officers may detain and identify a suspect in order to gather evidence, but the alleged offender will then be released. Officers will submit paperwork for the charges and, if approved by the city’s top prosecutor, District Attorney Larry Krasner, an arrest warrant will be issued at a later date — presumably once the COVID-19 outbreak is under control.

Addressing concerns about law and order, Outlaw told press that the city was not “turning a blind eye to crime.”

BPP: Impact of cancellations due to COVID-19 |

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