We Applaud SF (D) Scott Weiner: CA SB 233

CA Senate Bill 233 prohibits the arrest of people involved in sex work when they come forward as a witness or victim of specified violent and serious crimes, as well as prohibiting use of condoms as evidence of sex work. San Francisco –  Today, Senator Scott Wiener’s (D-San Francisco) legislation to protect sex workers from arrest … Continue reading We Applaud SF (D) Scott Weiner: CA SB 233

NEW: Pennsylvania Project

Torturing Sex Workers, with Melanie Dante: Ken’s guest is Melanie Dante discussing various issues surrounding the sex trades, badly needed decriminalization, and holes in the law that create “viminals”, i.e., making criminals out of victims of sexual abuse.

Dividing Sides Of Sex Work Representation

All set to attend a decriminalization panel in Manhattan I was -- indirectly -- asked not to attend the event hosted by Best Practices Policy, New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance, and Black Coalition of Sex Workers for the U.N. Commission on the Status Of Women. This is now the third year I have been banned from what is supposed to be an open forum. I believe the best thing to realize is that our goals as sex workers and sex trade survivors as have similar language and meaning though are not shared or inclusive to each other when we are from different cultures. The U.N. seems the place to being us together. Realistically - Perhaps we are not stronger together.