Thanks to Phoebe Jones and Pat Albright I participated in International Women’s Day on March 8, enjoying  a concert at Underground Arts supporting  the new Crossroads Women’s Center. We were even interviewed by Day and Jesse of Jump Box for a documentary! 

The concert had an amazing line up of musicians including:  Louie Louie, Queen of Jeans, Molly Rhythm, Hemming, Ivy Sole and others, as well as speakers from grassroots campaigns against poverty, violence, discrimination, exploitation, war, the destruction of the environment, and for a caring society. A surprise speaker, civil rights attorney Larry Krasner, announced  he is running on the Democratic ticket for district attorney.

Read more about the day events: Protest, music, ‘economic solidarity’ planned for International Women’s Day in Philly — NewsWorks

In Oakland our friends at ESPU were also out and about.  Check out the video from Erotic Service Providers Union.

Get involved! Visit Decriminalize Sex Work for more information on what you can do.  Stand Up! Fight back!