Sex Trafficking Alaska in Action: Terra Burns of Community United for Safety and Protection (CUSP) in Juneau.

Public Testimony for HB 112 Thanks to [public] letters of support for House Bill 112, which will make it illegal for police to sexually penetrate or have sex with people they are investigating, it has been scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday March 14th at 3pm in [Juneau, Alaska] House State Affairs.


Pennsylvania Supports House Bill 112

Dear Representative Claman -Thank you for drafting Alaska H.B. 112, an effort to end allowing sexual interaction between police and sex trafficking… Full  text.

Alaska House Bill 112 / Senate Bill 73

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CUSP is busy in Juneau! You can  watch a lot of what they’ve  done by following the links: 


Wondering why I care about Alaska when I live in Pa? Besides similar realities in our region which we – as workers and also survivors – need to learn how to address since our representatives do not include us in General Assembly research findings or affiliated legislative process, I was in Alaska observing  – and  experiencing first hand   – the civil and human rights violations addressed in CUSP and allied testimonies and senate presentations.

Best wishes, Terra,  for success with your CUSP / community efforts in Juneau. –  X M

Terra Burns / M. Dante
Quote by Maggie Kuhn

Leave safety behind. Put your body on the line. Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind–even if your voice shakes. When you least expect it, someone may actually listen to what you have to say. Well-aimed slingshots can topple giants.”

–Maggie Kuhn. Activist for human rights, social and economic justice, global peace, integration, urban renewal, and an improved understanding of mental health issues.

KTVA Ch. 11 Alaska w/ Lael Morgan and Terra Burns
KTVA Ch. 11 Alaska w/ Lael Morgan and Terra Burns