Senate Bill 6 hurts victims of trafficking and violent sexual abuse. SAY NO TO: The Public Assistance Integrity Act (PAIA).  There is already a ten year ban on benefits for vulnerable populations such as victims of human trafficking and violent domestic violence and sexual assault . Get in the know on: Senate Bill 6. The Public Assistance Integrity Act (PAIA).  The Pennsylvania Senate has already passed Senate Bill 6 (SB 6), a cruel, administratively costly, and counterproductive attack on low-income Pennsylvanians. The “Public Assistance Integrity Act (PAIA)” now heads to the PA House of Representatives, and we need your help to prevent its passage. Among its damaging provisions, SB 6 increases the cost of replacement EBT cards (electronic benefits transfer cards through which participants spend SNAP benefits), and imposes a punitive $100 fee if a second replacement card is needed. This $100 fee is exorbitant, will be out of reach for many and will cause deprivation to entire families, children included. By way of comparison – Pennsylvania charges just a $6 fee for a replacement vehicle registration! SB 6 also forces DHS caseworkers to check the fair market value of every SNAP participant’s car as a requirement for assistance, paying heed to the unfounded myth that poor people drive high value cars. At a time when the budget for casework staff is being cut, adding red tape will only serve to slow their ability to connect eligible families to the benefits they need in a timely manner.

Sample script: “I am calling to urge Representative _____________ to oppose SB6, as it is harmful, counterproductive, and will have a ripple effect upon Pennsylvania’s low-income families who need SNAP benefits to help put food on the table.”

Senate Bill 6  hurts victims of trafficking and violent sexual abuse. Get in the know and SAY NO TO: The Public Assistance Integrity Act (PAIA). 

SB 6

Here is the history of the bill in H-Burg: Below that are the Co-Sponsor in the Senate. 

Roll Calls
2017-07-10 – Senate – Senate Floor: SB 6 PN 1085, FINAL PASSAGE (Y: 40 N: 9 NV: 1 Abs: 0) [PASS]

2017-07-08 – Senate – Senate Appropriations: Re-Reported as Committed (Y: 14 N: 8 NV: 0 Abs: 0) [PASS]

2017-06-21 – Senate – Senate Health And Human Services: Reported as Amended (Y: 6 N: 4 NV: 0 Abs: 0) [PASS]

History / Date Chamber Action

2017-07-11 House Referred to HEALTH

2017-07-10 House In the House

2017-07-10 Senate Third consideration and final passage (40-9)

2017-07-09 Senate Amended on third consideration

2017-07-08 Senate Re-reported as committed

2017-06-26 Senate Re-referred to  APPROPRIATIONS

2017-06-26 Senate Second consideration

2017-06-21 Senate First consideration

2017-06-21 Senate Reported as amended

2017-01-25 Senate Referred to HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES


Sen. Michael Regan [R] Sen. David Argall [R] Sen. Joseph Scarnati [R] Sen. Jacob Corman [R]

Sen. Guy Reschenthaler [R] Sen. John Eichelberger [R] Sen. Thomas McGarrigle [R] Sen. Randy Vulakovich [R]

Sen. Michael Folmer [R] Sen. Ryan Aument [R] Sen. Donald White [R] Sen. Giovanni DiSanto [R]

Sen. John Rafferty [R] Sen. Scott Wagner [R] Sen. John Yudichak [D] Sen. Elder Vogel [R]

Sen. Patrick 

Stefano [R] Sen. Michele Brooks [R]