ESPLERP Update Oral Arguments Are HERE! Status of the court case After nearly 30 months working through the US Federal Court system, we finally get to stand up before a panel of judges and argue that California’s outdated anti-prostitution statute known as California Penal Code 647(b), unfairly deprives consenting adults of the right to private activity, criminalizes the discussion of such activity, and unconstitutionally places prohibitions on our rights to freely associate.

The court case, known as ESPLERP v Gascon [16-15927], is now before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and formal Oral Arguments have been set for tomorrow Thursday October 19th at 9am, before Circuit Judges Callahan and Bea, and International Trade Judge Restani. Each side will be allotted 20 minutes to make its case.

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  • United States Court Of Appeals Ninth Circuit #16-15927. Erotic Svc Provider Legal Edu v George Gascon: You Tube

  • A San Francisco Court Case Could Shift the Legal Status of Sex Work | Sophie Linden’s Alternet Article: “Each debate should not undermine the experiences and lived realities of sex workers, a portion of which ESPLERP effectively represents. One could also hope that the representation includes the voices of those who have been victims of sexual trafficking, demystifying and clarifying the relationship between the legalization of sex work and cases of trafficking. Undoubtedly elements of the case could be rightly contested, especially by some victims and families forced into the dehumanizing world of sex trafficking. Though every account gives equal reason for better, not outdated, litigation. If so, advocates should give nuanced weight to the word consensual. In all cases, it is certain that all audiences will be listening to the ESPLERP case results.”

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