3. Torturing Sex Workers, with Melanie Dante

MAY 7TH, 2019 | 57:34 | E3

Found in this episode:

What’s in the Mail Bag? 00:03:00-00:16:45
• Illogical education for Millennials
• Gell-Mann amnesia when reading the news
• Saving Glen Onoko Falls near Jim Thorpe
• The decline of youth
• More problems with the roads
• Game Commission and Sunday hunting

A Conversation with Melanie Dante 00:19:00-00:45:10
• Introduction
• Definition of “sex workers”
• Sex Workers’ Outreach Project (SWOP)
• SWOP Behind Bars, championing incarcerated sex workers
• Decriminalizing sex work

What Sticks in Ken’s Craw? The Abortion Debate! 00:47:00-00:57:30
• Both sides deeply entrenched
• Defuse the abortion debate with Pre-Natal Adoption
• Simultaneously Pro-Life and Pro-Choice:
• Saves babies while preserving a woman’s right to choose
• Worst case: defaults to what we have now

More Information:
Abortion and Pre-Natal Adoption: https://www.kenk4pa.com/issues/abortion/
Fetters Mill Bridge: https://www.lowermoreland.org/images/Fetters_Mill_Road_Bridge_Closure_PR.pdf
Gell-Mann amnesia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gell-Mann_amnesia_effect
Glen Onoko Falls: https://www.mcall.com/news/local/mc-nws-glen-onoko-trail-20190416-iqnee4cukfahjnjcoceodapleq-story.html
Pennsylvania Game Commission: https://www.pgc.pa.gov/Pages/default.aspxPennsylvania Survivors Workers Community Clearinghouse: https://sexualpolitixxx.blog
Teedyuscung, the magnificent Lenni Lenape Indian: https://www.fow.org/archives-indian-statue-wissahickon/

Amendment 16: http://AmendmentSixteen.com
Freedom Financial Tax: 866-401-1090
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania: http://LpPa.org
Iron Will Tattoo Club: https://ironwilltattoo.club
Steven Werley Digital Marketing: https://www.stevenwerley.com
Toastmasters International: http://toastmasters.org
Wallace Automotive: https://www.wallaceautoservice.com