UUPLAN’s Anti-Mass Incarceration Team has agreed to support SB 554 – Safe Harbor in Human Trafficking.  This bill would send minors who are victims of sex trafficking to treatment rather than prosecuting them. The bill was introduced by Senator Greenleaf and has passed the Senate (50-0). It has been referred to House Judiciary Committee which has not yet scheduled a hearing.

What can you do?

1) Contact House Judiciary Committee members by phone or mail.  This is epecially important if your state rep is on the committee

2) Contact Representative Ron Marsico, chair of the House Judiciary Committee

Here’s a script to use:

“Hi.  My name is_________________,  I am calling to speak to Representative _______________., regarding  Safe Harbor,  Senate Bill 554.  I am asking that Representative________________ support this crucial piece of legislation.”

(If they are not familiar with bill give brief explanation below or refer to one page leave-behind for more information.)

“Senate Bill 554, calls for specialized service for sexually exploited children.   Safe Harbor recognizes these children as victims, rather than criminals, and addresses the needs of these victims.  We want to help these children regain their sense of dignity, trust and safety they deserve. I urge the Representative to support Senate Bill 554, a bill that reinforces the already existing child protective services law.  Commercial sexual exploitation of children is always child abuse-period. Thank you.”