Good afternoon! I am pleased to let yall know we have so far disbursed $48,124 to DC Based Black, Brown, Indigenous, Trans sex workers in need. In the next day or so I will upload a new graphic displaying the breakdown.

We have gotten over 336 requests and have fullfilled more 209 of them thus far! We have a number of those who have been approved who we haven’t been able to pay yet for a couple of different reasons. Some folks requested checks or other means that we aren’t able to do atm, some folks requested cashapp which denys our payments. We have followed up with these folks and are awaiting responses. Others are because lack of funds. As of posting this we have raised $50,871 (WOW!!!!!!! YALLL!!!) but after gofundme takes their fees we are left with $49,238. We are waiting on one more deposit from gofundme but know that will not be enough to cover our current pending requests which stands at $9,026. To help catch up on these requests we decided to pause our submission form for a few days.

We know this is a critical time as the first of the month when many people have to pay their larger monthly bills is only a few days away. Can you help us meet our goals and be able to reopen before May 1st?
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