REASON Hit & Run Year in Review

The Best Sex Work Writing of 2017: Elizabeth Nolan Brown covered the issues with such clarity that this year a re/post instead my personalized Year in Review (YIR) seems most effective. Let's Step To It! - M.
 [Hit and Run] rounded up the year's best writing, reporting, and research on erotic industries, those who work in them, and how they're getting screwed by U.S. authorities and laws. Elizabeth Nolan Brown Dec. 31, 2017

Update on AK HB 112 / SB 73: Cops On Sexual Contact During  Investigations

The Anchorage Police Department is fighting a pair of state bills that would criminalize cops who have “sexual contact” with people under investigation. The reason for the opposition, according to Deputy Chief Sean Case, is that there are “very, very limited” situations in which cops need to cross that boundary — specifically, when it comes to undercover investigations of sex workers. Article by Tracy Clark Flory for Vocative; supporting statistics from ISWFACE LA.